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2016 Alzheimer Update

8:45am-12:30pm, Jan 30, 2016

Room 1 & 2. UBC Life Sciences Centre, 2350 Health Sciences Mall

We are delighted to invite you to our 2016 Update on Alzheimer’s Disease. Our program reflects on our significant breadth of effort this past year, where we have focussed on lifestyle interventions, novel biological insights and new therapeutic directions. We are very interested in driving our science to provide us with insights into everyday activities that might be implemented and prove useful to those affected or at risk of the disease.  This will range from exercise, to nutrition, to mental activity and control of vascular risk factors. As always, we will continue to focus on the cutting edge science and clinical trials that we believe are the key to our progress and important to the future success we all dedicate ourselves to.

One of our particular forward looking goals as a Clinic in 2016, is to engage directly with you and ensure that we have the right perspective to meet your needs. We would like to see your voice reflected in our research and clinical programs. Our research funders, have also raised the bar and their expectations of our community engagement. We have a few new program components in our Update program that we hope you will enjoy and which will provide a direct voice to us on topics of interest. 

Taken together, we believe there should be something for everyone on this years’ program and we look forward to seeing you there and hearing from you. It is indeed our privilege for us to serve your needs and we look forward to this year’s update to share our excitement and progress with you.


Dr. Howard Feldman

Professor of Neurology
Fisher Family and Alzheimer Society of BC Endowed Professorship in Alzheimer’s Disease Research
Director, UBC Hospital Clinic for Alzheimer Disease & Related Disorders

For more information, or to RSVP, email